What better way to launch the blog then with a post on the design of welcome messages. In looking at hundreds of welcome messages I saw many boring ones. Most sites don't put to much thought into them. This batch of emails has some element of consideration, but really a few of them stand out above the rest and demonstrate the real power.

My favorite example is the one from Toys r us. Not only does it confirm your subscription, but the imagery is clever and thoughtful.

Second to this for me is the inclusion of a special offer with the welcome message. Why not start email relationships like this off with a sample of why you signed up. Giving away a special seems like such a perfect demonstration of your appreciation to the consumer for bothering to sign up. Take a look at Charlotte Russe and Dairy Queen for example.

Yes, there are a massive amount of samples here. But I signed up for a massive amount of lists, and continue to do so. Not to mention the welcome message is one of the most common emails sent.   


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